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They’re talking about Dreamslair

29 apr 

About Ashtaria

Besides working hard on our fantasy RPG, playing video games and saving the world we’re also spreading our energy in the universe.

We like to talk with people, and some of them talk about us. Here are the proofs!

When we attended Accelerator Program in San Francisco, YetiZen’s staff wrote a spotlight about our team. We had a great time at YetiZen, and we’re delighted that they noticed our potential.

Soon after our intercontinental trip, Inside Social Games focused on Dreamslair and wrote a nice overview about us and our Facebook game, Ashtaria. They also published an interesting news article about the Top-20 emerging Facebook games, with Ashtaria on the list.

We also enjoyed the participating at the conference GAME BANG!GAMERZ TALK, that was held in Milan, at the Triennale Museum Design. The conference was part of Project Open, an event about art and technology and sponsored by Vodafone. Art Director, Mario Ricco, had the opportunity to represent Dreamslair and share his experience into the game industry with journalists and colleagues.

And if you have always wondered how it feels like to attend an international game convention like GDC (Game Developers Conference), you could read the article that Lead Game Designer, Matteo Sciutteri, wrote about the experience he shared with the team in Cologne, published by Eurogamer.

If you would like to talk to us, just use the contact area to get in touch with our team.

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