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The fighting companions

03 apr 


As you step into Ashtaria you notice it’s going to be a magical adventure but also a dangerous journey.
Uriel’s darkness plagues the Kingdom of Gihon, filled with perils lurking around.

Every creature is an enemy” could be the perfect monition but recently some users spotted a friendly freak in adventure 1 that you can call pal or more properly Companion.

A meeting with a Companion

Companions are little floating creatures that you will meet by exploring locations: they are not aggressive beings as goblins and werewolves ruled by Uriel, but kind of pets that you can carry at your side in battle.
Every companion has got properties that will enhance your offensive and defensive skills or support stamina’s restoration. The more you fight with companions the more they will get experience increasing the effects of their buffs.

So… enter in Ashtaria and collect every fighting companion! Share your preferences on our forum

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