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Talents: the inner side of Ashtaria’s warriors

20 mar 


A warrior without skills is like an empty armor, thus said the goddess of light.

Did you know you can improve your character with talents?
Talents screen can be reached by clicking the Talent/Skills button in the lower side of the screen.

Here you will find three main categories of Skills:
–          Profession, that expands your warrior’s competences, like magic, exploration and so on
–          Combat, that improves you performances in battle
–          Social, that enlights your leadership reputation

Ashtaria’s Talents

Profession and Combat talents can be learned and upgraded by using Hero Points, while Social ones depend on the number of friends in your army bar.
So… if you’re dying to cast more powerful spells, slay your opponents with a single strike and free you destructive force, Talents are the way to achieve the perfect balance with equipment.

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