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Let’s discover bundles in Ashtaria!

07 mar 


Welcome back Warriors! Have you checked the latest on the Forum and on Facebook?!

We heard that many of you appreciated the store’s new look… and we bet you’re going to love also the Bundles we recently introduced.

Are you that kind of player who customizes its avatar as much as it’s possible? Great, bundles are “MUST HAVE” ! They give you the opportunity to express your warrior’s attitude. Each bundle is a special collection of items, not available in the store, with both equipment and consumables. This means that you will get a complete armor, weapons, potions, bombs and other special items… directly in your inventory with a single click and at an incredible value.

Let’s discover bundles

Cool, isn’it?

You can reach them from the store home, clicking on the banner slideshow or the tab ‘Bundles’.

If you’re experienced enough grab them, otherwise… enter in combat and reach the required level signed on each of them.

And remember: visit the store time by time to discover the latest on sale items and news.

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