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A warrior and his army: invite you friends in Ashtaria

25 gen 

Warriors! The rise of the god-emperor Uriel is darkening all over the Kingdom of Gihon and you can’t face his hoard alone! That’s why we’ve introduced the friends bar in the latest build of Ashtaria.

Whatever you call your friends – buddies, allies or simply your army – you can now add them to the game and succed in your epic quest.
Train with them and get extras to empower your character everyday buying new armor or upgrading talents and skills.

 Stay close to your mates also gifting them: this is the best way to get a gift back, like energy potions to enter in combat, eXPerience to gain a new level and gold to buy the perfect equipments for a Warlord.

Warlord, that’s right: the higher social talents grants you more eXPerience when you visit your winged allies.

The new social features will help you to reach higher level, so we hope you enjoy it. Let us know your feedback on Facebook on our Forums and get in touch with other warriors.

Play Now and become a Warlord >>

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