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Introducing the Runic Barriers and Minigames

27 mar 


The road to free the Kingdom of Gihon is full of dangers: filthy beasts, nasty enemies and… traps.
What kind of traps are we talking about?
A few days ago we published on Facebook a sneak preview of Runic Barriers. Not simply floating stones: as you may have already noticed they will block your way until you won’t dare to interact with them.

In order to overcome a Runic Barrier you have to disarm its magical power, but it won’t be an easy thing to do.

A runic barrier in game: click on it!

Clicking on it you will start a challenging minigame: will you be fast and clever enough to disarm the power of the Runes in the required time?!
That’s up to you, warriors. Soon we will talk about a new feature… can you guess what will be?

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