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Head to the new Store in Ashtaria

25 feb 

Head to the new store

From today, Ashtaria’s warriors have a new place where to buy any kind of equipment.
The Store improvement is part of the enhancing mission we, at Dreamslair, are accomplishing day by day.

A place for everything and everything in its place: that’s the feeling you will get suddenly after you click on store icon.

The home of the Store has been designed to be functional and make the player able to search among more than 300 items without being confused.
Here, the newest items will be shown next to the best ones and among these are included bundles and collection set. If you’re a bargain hunter you have to keep an eye on the On Sale area with limited time offers.

Now it’s by far easier to get an item or browse into the category you need, try items on you hero/heroine and see a preview of weapons and armors equipped.

In other words, this what you lose:

Old store

.. and this is what you get:

New Store

We hope you’ll feel at ease with this improvement: let’s hear you voice on the Forum and on Facebook.

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