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If you’ve already entered the Dreamslair forum you may already noticed that things have changed a lot.

Since Ashtaria is a game in constant evolution we believe that players should have places that reflects this changes, so we’ve built a new structure of the forum. Our goal is to welcome both players and curious in order to create a proactive community of users that collaborate and share suggestions and ideas about our games.

The main area is dedicated to our social role-play game, Ashtaria. Here, you will get in touch with other players in the Goddess’ Temple, the place for every warrior looking for allies and tips.
Registering the forum you will not only able to create new contents to help other users, like Guides and  F.A.Q. , but also to report bug and communicate with the Dreamslair’s team.

We encourage every users to talk with us: feedback, questions and suggestions will receive answers personally from the developers so… why lose the chance to express your thoughts?

REGISTER to the Dreamslair forum and share your epic adventures with the whole COMMUNITY!

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