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What is the best skill for a company born with a cool vision of social entertainment?

Dreamslair, once an indie developer of social games and applications, has been noticed thanks to its potential by Angelo Investments , its main financial partner.

Our company is based in Italy and is currently working on its first social game Ashtaria , a fantasy role-play game full of magic and fights.

“Dreamslair has a big goal in mind: to change the way social games are played and perceived on both social networks and the web. We want to bring our passion for games to the public and create social games that are truly social. With every game that we develop we look to enhance the connections that people make through social game play while delivering an amazing game play experience” says Matteo Pertosa, team’s CEO.

Videogame passion and creativity represents the launch pad from which Matteo Pertosa flew to attend YetiZen , the startup accelerator program for game studios in San Francisco.

Between California and Puglia, Dreamslair has enhanced its skills and know-how, bringing to Italy an out of the ordinary reality. Our team is composed of some cutting edge professionals, such as Lead Game Designer, Matteo Sciutteri (from Milestone) and Art Director, Mario Ricco (from Ubisoft), that work side by side with new talent. Our team is structured into the areas of design, program, art, testing and marketing/communication : this makes Dreamslair able to face the video games creation process and also to oversee different aspects of production.

Energy and creativity run strong also into the new offices of the Company that has recently moved from Valenzano to Monopoli, in order to improve the efficiency of the whole team.

This is the reason why when we talk about revolution we know where to start!

If you want to enjoy the magic of the epic adventures of Ashtaria login to your Facebook account and play here:

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