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A chat for Ashtaria’s warriors

22 mag 

Ashtaria's Chat

A new release of Ashtaria is out: are you ready to enjoy a better game experience?
A series of bug related to Leaderboards and Tournaments have been fixed, so you can now get back to challenge your friends and try to reach the top.

Did we said “friends”? Yes we do, we always care about your social interactions in game with other fallen warriors from all around the world. If you ever wanted to give a chat with them during Ashtaria, now you can!
In the lower side of the game canvas you will find a chat box that will allow you to send messages and get to know online players. As for the other features, keep in mind that it’s a beta version and we are improving it day by day, but the best will come with your help: send us tips and suggestions as well bug reporting, if necessary- and we hope it will not be ;-) .

With the new chat you will able to:
– chat with your Facebook friends that play Ashtaria without being forced to set your FB status “online”;
– communicate with online players from every corner;
– visit characters of active players just by pushing the Visit button;
– send private messages by clicking on the name of an active user.

… Only one must: be kind.

Before closing this post, keep also in mind that chats conversations are not stored, and your messages will be only visible to online players.
If you need to request help or something else, you’re welcome in the forum!

Join it  and play Ashtaria

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