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Be the best (and win) with combat tips

13 mar 


In Ashtaria, the best warrior it’s not the one who never loses, but who surrenders to learn tips and strategies.

Actually, when you’re in combat and a battle turns in defeat you have the choice to Fight Back and gain a richer score or Surrender.

If you choose to beat a retreat you will have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and get some special tips that will help you to come back stronger… and wiser.

But that’s not all, Warriors. If your equipment was not so appropriate for two wave of goblins, mummies and other dark creatures you will be able to buy better stuff at a special price.

Combat tip

Both you failed in casting magical spells or you forgot to buy a hard chestplate, the tip you get will be up your needs. After a Surrender, to enter in combat and smash your filthy opponents will be easier.

You can find the combat tip feature in one of the latest version of Ashtaria, on Facebook… so Play Ashtaria and send us your feedback and posts on the forum.

Also, don’t forget to enter the March competition to win 500 diamonds

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