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A chat for Ashtaria’s warriors

Ashtaria's Chat

A new release of Ashtaria is out: are you ready to enjoy a better game experience? A series of bug related to Leaderboards and Tournaments have been fixed, so you can now get back to challenge your friends and try […]

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Open challenge with Tournaments!


In the latest release of Ashtaria we’ve introduced a new gaming mode that will allow warriors to compete in weekly tournament and win rewards. And, maybe, tease all of your friends from the higher places of the top league..! Tournaments […]

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The fighting companions


As you step into Ashtaria you notice it’s going to be a magical adventure but also a dangerous journey. Uriel’s darkness plagues the Kingdom of Gihon, filled with perils lurking around. “Every creature is an enemy” could be the perfect […]

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Introducing the Runic Barriers and Minigames


The road to free the Kingdom of Gihon is full of dangers: filthy beasts, nasty enemies and… traps. What kind of traps are we talking about? A few days ago we published on Facebook a sneak preview of Runic Barriers. […]

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Talents: the inner side of Ashtaria’s warriors


A warrior without skills is like an empty armor, thus said the goddess of light. Did you know you can improve your character with talents? Talents screen can be reached by clicking the Talent/Skills button in the lower side of […]

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Be the best (and win) with combat tips


In Ashtaria, the best warrior it’s not the one who never loses, but who surrenders to learn tips and strategies. Actually, when you’re in combat and a battle turns in defeat you have the choice to Fight Back and gain […]

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Let’s discover bundles in Ashtaria!


Welcome back Warriors! Have you checked the latest on the Forum and on Facebook?! We heard that many of you appreciated the store’s new look… and we bet you’re going to love also the Bundles we recently introduced. Are you […]

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Head to the new Store in Ashtaria

Head to the new store

From today, Ashtaria’s warriors have a new place where to buy any kind of equipment. The Store improvement is part of the enhancing mission we, at Dreamslair, are accomplishing day by day. A place for everything and everything in its […]

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Level Up: One time offer the best one

Level up!

Getting new equipment on Level up screen is extremely worth in Ashtaria. While you defeat your enemies and accomplish missions you gain points that fill your eXPerience bar, step by step. When you reach a higher level, your character becomes […]

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Ashtaria Handbook: adventure rewards and score


If you play Ashtaria, it would be useful to know that every warrior who accomplishes an adventure – slashing each dark Uriel’s servant – gets score and rewards, according to the actions in game. Accessing to the Diary you may […]

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