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Ashtaria: meet the Lead Designer

He knows everything about Ashtaria and could answer every question you cared to ask about it. He could also tell you news and secrets about this unusual Facebook game. Matteo Sciutteri is not simply a well-informed source, but the Lead […]

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Ashtaria: meet the Art Director

When we started to work on Ashtaria, we knew that we would have to take great care about the visual aspects. ‘Fantasy’ is the word that best represents Ashtaria’s world, that is a mix of oriental styles rich in colors, decorations that […]

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Ashtaria is aiming the best


We are very proud to announce that our first social game has been going through an extraordinary metamorphosis. Dreamslair’s team loves to think out of the box: infact Ashtaria is not an ordinary game, but the first role-play title on […]

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They’re talking about Dreamslair

About Ashtaria

Besides working hard on our fantasy RPG, playing video games and saving the world we’re also spreading our energy in the universe. We like to talk with people, and some of them talk about us. Here are the proofs! When […]

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What is the best skill for a company born with a cool vision of social entertainment? Dreamslair, once an indie developer of social games and applications, has been noticed thanks to its potential by Angelo Investments , its main financial partner. […]

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