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Ashtaria: meet the Lead Designer

04 dic 

He knows everything about Ashtaria and could answer every question you cared to ask about it. He could also tell you news and secrets about this unusual Facebook game. Matteo Sciutteri is not simply a well-informed source, but the Lead Designer of Ashtaria.

“With Ashtaria we’re trying to break the rules of Facebook entertainment”, says Sciutteri. “Our challenge is to engage hardcore gamers: it’s not an easy thing because role-play gamers look for complex gameplay. This is exactly what they will get.”

Ashtaria is a role-play turn based game: you will create your character and fight against the hordes of the wicked God Emperor Uriel. “Indeed, the core element is the combat system, and it is based on the Dominion’s Wheel. There are five magic Dominions and every creature belongs to one of them. Only the player is able to switch from one dominion to another: this means that there is also a big strategic element.”

So, if you like to win you’d better be careful because “embracing a dominion means that you are eligible for a bonus but also exposed to harm”. Our Lead Designer tips reveal that Ashtaria is a game with a huge story, too: throughout the whole game experience, player will have the chance to explore environments in order to collect new magical items and fight against creatures.

Lead Designer Sciutteri states that “the fantasy genre is an inspiration, not a rule: we like to be original and we avoided the usual cliché.”

Hardcore gamers will love the opportunity to re-play adventures as many time they wish in order to achieve a better score.
Ashtaria is also a social game and players can train their characters with Facebook friends. “This feature allows to gain experience points in order to improve talents and spells, and this will make your character more powerful in combat.”

Follow Ashtaria’s universe, visit and once you’re prepared to fight …Play on Facebook.

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