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Ashtaria: meet the Art Director

12 nov 

When we started to work on Ashtaria, we knew that we would have to take great care about the visual aspects.

Fantasy’ is the word that best represents Ashtaria’s world, that is a mix of oriental styles rich in colors, decorations that provides a magical atmosphere. Art Director Mario Ricco, explains that this choice came from the charming characteristics of these cultures.

“We’ve been inspired by Persian and Indian decorative style: we’d like to give players an impressive game experience with baroque interfaces. Indeed, we’ve focused on screens and buttons details. We’ve worked very hard to find the right compromise between art and functionality.”

Mario Ricco also reveals that “developing Ashtaria’s graphics has been challenging for the whole team, since art department has worked side by side with programmer and designer”.

Facebook is an entertainment platform that put us in front of many competitors, but Ashtaria’s  deep gameplay is a key strength that we are going to make the most of.

Besides the interface elements, large efforts were made in the character and environment design.
“I believe that with Ashtaria the team succeed in engaging and enchanting players. Graphics in a game are not only a matter of visual elements and colors: that’s why we’ve hired talented artists that could give personality to the characters. Enemies and creatures are supposed to be terrifying and disgusting, because they represents the corruption of the God Emperor Uriel the dark brother of goddess Ashtaria.”

The result is an engaging game that offers a fantasy world in danger and whether you’re in combat or upgrading your character’s equipment, magic spells or talents, you just have to be amazed by its original graphics.

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