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Ashtaria is aiming the best

01 ago 


We are very proud to announce that our first social game has been going through an extraordinary metamorphosis.

Dreamslair’s team loves to think out of the box: infact Ashtaria is not an ordinary game, but the first role-play title on Facebook with deep gameplay and spectacular visuals. We truly believe that Facebook platform can offer a very engaging entertainment experience, and we are going to show you how.

We’ve spent a lot of time realizing new features that will let you improve your character’s spell and talents to enjoy and share with your Facebook friends. We’ve introduced five social talents and character’s training, so you can help your allies or take a peek into their inventory!

So, prepare to be overwhelmed by the world of Ashtaria as soon as you will enter the game, thanks to the new diary system (with chapters and adventures), which will guide you into a fantasy universe with a story full of fights, magic, terrifying enemies and creatures.

Our Art department has worked extremely hard on the visual aspects of the game, because impressions matters and we surely know it. This means stunning environments and artworks, real time effects and animations: the perfect elements for a great experience in combat.

The final release of Ashtaria is indeed a very complex game, with more than two hundreds items you can choose to equip you hero: weapons, armory and so on. If you like to collect fantastic items, you’d die to store them all in your inventory and find out their powers on your custom character.

Put the wings on you and be part of the Ashtaria universe here:

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