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Ashtaria Handbook: adventure rewards and score

06 feb 


If you play Ashtaria, it would be useful to know that every warrior who accomplishes an adventure – slashing each dark Uriel’s servant – gets score and rewards, according to the actions in game.

Accessing to the Diary you may have noticed that to unlock all the adventures you will need a specific stars amount play them. If you’re stucked or just curious about how to get more stars and a higher score, keep reading this little guide with frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) we’ve received from some warriors.

How does the Adventure Score is calculated?
Adventure Score is the sum of every score you obtain completing a given Adventure. If you click on the button ‘Score Details’ in the screen of Adventure Complete, a popup will display the scores that contributes to the overall Adventure score.

Score details

I’ve got a low score and I can’t proceed with the game. What can I do?
You can easily re-play the same adventure anytime you wish. Just open the Diary clicking on the Diary Icon (lower right side of the screen), select the adventure clicking on it and push the ‘Start’ button.

How can I achieve a better score (and all the adventure rewards)?
There are some actions that will grant you more points. A general tip is to equip your hero with armors and weapons that will help you to win combats in a few rounds.
In every adventure you will find chests to open: explore the whole map in order to find them and obtain every hidden treasure!
Also, potions and bombs will help you to withstand in front of your enemies, and if you’re about to die always Fight Back to let the Survival Multiplier elevate your score. 

So, it’s all about Score and Stars?
No at all, every star grants you a reward: Gold, Hero Points and – if you’re skilled enough – Diamonds. Achieve five stars and you will get all the shown rewards.

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